Monday, 14 November 2011

European Hornbeam Bonsai

This Carpinus betulus is coming on OK, apologies for the lazy photograph (still very busy with work, family, and house). Alot more growth is neede on the left hand side to balance the image, and that wil mean cutting back the right hand side hard for a season or two, still I am happy with the progress since I first got the tree four years ago (see this post), it has been a great learning curve since then.

Field maple in Winter

There has been quite alot of progress in just two years, see a post from November 2009 here, though there is still a very long way to go!
I may bring the upright branch on the right hand side down with a guy wire, and next year I will defoliate in May to increase the rate of ramification.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Naturalistic Oak Bonsai

Now in Winter I can see the progress a years vigorous growth has made to my Quercus cerris. The guy wires will come off for repotting in Spring at this new angle and then go back on until next Winter. Next year I will comission a suitable pot for it (if finances allow).

Some may not like the rangey branches on this tree, but this is really how old oak trees often grow. This is not suposed to look like an idealised tree, but a real tree.

It is partially inspired by this magnificent Sweet Chestnut at Tortworth, one can imagine from this what the bonsai will look like with much more branch ramification. It will take many years of horticulture for this bonsai to reach a mature image.