Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A few fungus

Every autumn I visit my local fragment of ancient woodland to hunt for mushrooms. I'm equally happy whether I find a meal or just some beautiful jewels on the forest floor.

Clavaria rugosa

Clavaria rugosa

Clavulinopsis sp.? This is not very similar to any fungus in any of my books!

Hygrocybe conica (of debatable edibility)

The names attatched to all of these specimens should be regarded as purely speculative, I have done my best as an amateur, but don't trust me on it... always consult a reliable guide book (or three)! After all, you'd only get one chance to mistakenly eat this:

The  beautiful, but deadly Amanita phalloides or Death Cap (this is the paler form), the most poisonous mushroom in Europe. Treated cases of poisoning have a more than 90% fatality rate, this rises to 100% if untreated.