Guy wires and the Wyrm Rowan

The use of helically wound wire  is very common technique in shaping bonsai branches, but guy wires are also extremely useful. When you want to reposition branches that already have desirable movement they can be ideal.

It's tricky to gain ramification on a rowan bonsai, and the growth can be very coarse, but I think I've got the knack of it finally and am restyling this tree in a gnarled windswept form to evoke the feel of the Brecon Beacons.

This Sorbus acuparia is one of the first trees I ever collected, taken from a neglected urban wall. I associate Rowan with the hills of mid-Wales and so this tree is trained over a Devonian sandstone from that area. I'm not sure I would create a branch that winds around the trunk these days, and I wonder if one day it will cause problems, but that was done 14 years ago and has earned this odd little tree the moniker of the Wyrm Rowan.


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